A Swedish brand of combustion equipment celebrating its 130th anniversary in 2022. It offers outdoor cooking gear with a focus on burners. PRIMUS means "No. 1" in Latin, and the brand's single burners in particular have supported the challenges of many historic outdoor enthusiasts since its founding, and are still synonymous with the brand that many professionals, including mountaineers and adventurers, have come to rely on.

What is PRIMUS's craftsmanship?

To provide freedom of adventure to all outdoor enthusiasts, no matter how big or small the scale of their adventure.

PRIMUS’ philosophy on life is that a sense of adventure can turn an ordinary day into a great day. For them, adventures are not only big-scale ones like climbing Mount Everest or trekking in uncharted areas. A casual walk in the woods or a picnic on the beach are also important daily adventures.

To support these adventures, they have developed something: outdoor cooking gear centered on burners. They believe that “adventure begins with a good meal,” and the products they have produced over the past 130 years have supported the challenges of numerous outdoor enthusiasts.

They want to produce gear that can be trusted in all places and in all situations around the world.
Their uncompromising commitment to this goal is reflected in their research and development, in which a large portion of their profits are invested each year, in repeated field tests, and in their commitment to combustion testing each unit before shipping.

The awareness of producing the highest quality products, which has never faded over the long history of the company, is an expression of the desire of a long-established company that has witnessed many adventures. They are convinced of the power of adventure, and wishe to support people’s challenges in any age.

Brand's Signature Gear

P-153 Ultra Burner

A single burner with an impressive power of 3,600 kcal/h, despite its portable, compact, and lightweight body. Its specifications allow it to be used in a wide range of situations, from hiking to high-altitude mountaineering. It is a representative product of PRIMUS that meets all the requirements of mountaineering and trekking, such as high power, compactness, and lightweight, in a well-balanced manner.