This stainless steel bottle brand was launched in 2018 in Portland, Oregon, USA. It was founded by Scott Rolfson, who was the creative director of the manufacturer that developed the outdoor industry's first double-wall, vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottles. The brand's products, which "aim to create the most beautiful form of any stainless steel bottle in the world," have gained attention from across the United States and around the world for their design and high functionality.

What is Earthwell's craftsmanship?

To create responsible products for the local community and the planet.

Growing up in North America, Scott has tried a variety of activities including climbing, camping, and bike touring. He considers it his mission to protect and give back to the nature.

Scott was the creative director of the first manufacturer in the outdoor industry to develop a double-wall, vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle. He has applied his experience and knowledge to the creation of the Earthwell stainless steel bottles.

The coloring, design, and promotion have the feeling of Portland, North America. A coating that is easy to grip even with wet hands, and a structure that is easy to open….

Without any pandering to a business-first mindset, Earthwell’s products are infused with Scott’s philosophy and beliefs in bottle making. The bottles have a sophisticated style and great quality that makes you want to take them out with you.

By creating products that embody Portland culture, Earthwell conveys the charm of the region, and by proposing stainless steel bottles as an alternative to disposable containers, Earthwell gives back to the global environment.

Earthwell’s products are the result of Scott’s love of North America and nature.

Brand's Signature Gear

Roaster™ Series

Stainless steel thermal bottle with a drink-through cap that can be opened with one hand. Temp Lock™ double-wall, vacuum-insulated body and the industry’s first cap construction using patented Thermal Grid™ multi-layer waffle insulation to provide unparalleled heat and cold retention performance. The looped cap can also be attached to a backpack using a karabiner or other means.