halo commodity

halo commodity

halo commodity

A Japanese headwear brand established in 2017. Compared to outdoor brand hats, which tend to prioritize functionality, halo commodity starts making products from the aspect of fashion, such as design, and adds functionality. They aim to create hats that can be used not only in the outdoor scene, but also anywhere in a casual and fashionable manner.

What is halo commodity's craftsmanship?

Simplicity and convenience.

Halo commodity’s approach is to start manufacturing from the perspective of “hats as fashion,” without being bound only by functionality. This is the central point of view of the company’s representative, Kiichi Kawano, who has been making hats for a living for many years.

Kawano has been making hats for more than 20 years, including working for a hat manufacturer before establishing his own brand. Influenced by his friends who loved the outdoors, he started making hats for outdoor use, which was the beginning of halo commodity. At that time, he thought about the difference between “hats for long hours outdoors” and “hats as a fashion item.” It is precisely because halo commodity was able to clearly recognize the difference between the two that it now produces headwear that balances functionality and fashion in harmony.

Headwear that halo commodity is aiming for is ones that combine functionality and fashion, simple products that can be used casually at any time and any place, and hats that are easy to match with anything and easy to incorporate into the fashion of even outdoor beginners. We are sure that halo commodity will continue to create products that can be easily enjoyed in outdoor fashion while repeatedly making improvements based on user feedback.

Brand's Signature Gear

Salt Beret Series

Lightweight, water-repellent beret. It fits well enough to keep it from flying off while riding a bicycle. The outside is made of salt shrunk nylon fabric, an outdoor material that is easy to incorporate into town use, while the inside is made of a mesh material that is also highly breathable. In fact, this is a popular product that always sells out every season, although it is released in different fabrics without changing any major elements.