Craft brand born in Portland, Oregon in 2015. It produces handmade glasses, coasters, and blankets with motifs of mountains and lakes in the United States. Currently, products with motifs of Mt. Fuji and Mt. Hakkouda in Japan are also being developed. The brand was started by three friends who originally enjoyed outdoor activities and wanted to turn mountains into products. Their unique idea attracted a lot of attention, and they received support from more than 5,000 people through crowdfunding at the time of its establishment.

What is NORTH DRINKWARE's craftsmanship?

To incorporate the scenery that stays in people’s hearts into everyday items.

Mountains rising majestically in the glass.
If you are a nature lover, it is not hard to imagine that just looking at those ridgelines will fill your heart with a sense of contentment.

NORTH DRINKWARE is a brand started by three friends who love the outdoors and come from different backgrounds. They came up with this unique idea as a result of their desire to turn their beloved mountains that have filled their lives with color into products with their own hands.

Topographic maps detail the highs and lows of the land, its undulations, rivers, lakes, and marshes, and show exactly what the mountains look like. The lines on the topographic map can bring back the best memories and episodes only to those who have really walked through that mountain.

Their signature glassware is a handmade product produced through a blowing process that requires expertise and skill. In Portland, where the company was founded, the products are made with the hearts of people who truly love nature.

Brand's Signature Gear

Mt. Hood Pint

This NORTH DRINKWARE’s first glass received over 5,000 supporters through crowdfunding at the time of its inception. The motif of the glass is Mt. Hood (3,429 m), the highest peak in Oregon and the pride of Portlanders, with USGS topographic data in the shape of the bottom of the glass. All NORTH DRINKWARE products are handmade in Portland.